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Monday, November 30, 2009

Ana Locking Accessories

Ana Locking is unveiling her line of Accessories including the sunglasses above. I posted a pic of a look featuring her glasses and her "Crimson" Jacket a few weeks ago. Along with glasses, Locking will make available a line of shoes for the ladies, too. But, I'm loving the shades.

Check it out at the SITE HERE

Bernhard Willhelm in 10 Men

Bernhard Willhelm is an interesting guy and an interesting designer. The winter issue of 10 Men gives a look at the designer modeling some of his own designs, some Westwood, and answering 10 questions. I picked the photo above from the spread because of its dance like movement captured as well as the great top ( by Willhelm) and huge boots by Sete Leguas.Very fun.

photographed by Christian Anwander

Bernhard Willhelm SS 2010 Collection HERE

Joey Kirchner Photo

I like this photo because of its aged quality. However, I only know that the model is Joey Kirchner. I do not know the photographer, but would love to find out. What caught my eye is the jacket: slightly military in style. But, more importantly, Check out the PANTS. Are those pants? I believe that those are some very structurally interesting trousers. But, I do not know how old this pic is. Still, I hope to find out who made those pants. What a great photo.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Style Tip from Fantastic Man

Fantastic Man gives us a style tip for the month of November that helps with the trasition from Fall weather into the rougher realms of winter weather. We are heading into the weeks of unpredictability: Beatiful and moderate temps one day followed by rigid winds and temps the next, or even in the same day. If you spend a good deal of time out of doors during your commute or thru-out your day, it's important to be prepared.

I love the idea of bringing what is close to your body to the outside as with this pic featuring thermal body wear. Not to mention the boots (Church's).

Photography by MARIUS W HANSEN, styling by JODIE BARNES

Monday, November 23, 2009

Vita Nova by Jonathan Frantini

I have not read La Vita Nuova (The New Life) by Dante. However, I am curious as to the inspiration that the work may have had on Italian photographer Jonathan Frantini while he worked this shoot for GQ  Style Italia. Whatever the influence, the result is very rewarding. I love the simplicity of the styling and the use of depth and scale. The photos capture a sense of minor, or slight feeling of,  history.  See more from the shoot on Jonathan's website or Italian GQ Style.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Vman: Catch The Drift

Photographed by Benjamin Alexander Huseby and styled by  Jay Massacret  for the current issue of VMAN.

Cool Look. How could you not be warm with that coat? And the gloves almost seem to have a scaly texture, though I am sure they are wool...The pants are actually wetwear from Camaro of Austria.

Gloves by Moncler
Turtleneck by Duckie Brown
Pants by Camaro

Thursday, November 19, 2009

H&M Holiday Party

Just some Holiday Fun. I'm digging the look with the glasses the most and Why it is posted.
Stylist: George Cortina
Photographer: Terry Richardson

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ana Locking: Crimson Cool

This is like death by coolness and Brilliant Crimson.

Romain Kremer

SS 2010
This would be pretty functional if you were to remove the headgear. I like the contrast of the the slim waist to the billowy built in scarf like collar.

SS 2010
Too Cool. The glasses are also designed by Kremer

AW 2009
The jacket would work (if you wanted to be a bit less provacative) with a nice fitted tee or shirt underneath. Headgear is your choice.

Romain Kremer has very big ideas and I enjoy his work with form and the body.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Jose Duran: Inspired by Destruction

Jose Duran's new collection is inspired by massacre and destruction. It shows. There are lots of leggings thru the collection, which are great right now, though a can't tell if some are denim or not. Nonetheless,  I like this look for the shoulders and waist in the shirt. Very "sharp"

Friday, November 6, 2009

Johannes Faktotum: Strong, Simple, Inspired

 Johannes Faktotum means "Jack-of-all-trades" and is a line started in Februrary of 2009 by Johanna Bloomfield. She has been designing menswear since 2002. The 09/10 AW collection is brilliant with such simplicity but strength. The 2010 SpringSummer collection is a bit lighter (fittingly) but one of my favorite things about the SS is the Steel Toed knee high boots that the looks are paired with. My favorite look from each collection are above.  I also dig the knee covers paired with the AW collection.

If it were possible, I would take the entire AW collection and it would become my "uniform" for the season. I enjoy it that much. It's so sharp.

Check out Johannes Faktotum HERE        Strong, Simple, Inspired

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Fabrice Lachant and Siv Stoldal

Fabrice Lachant has captured some great shots for a recent spread including the bw photo above featuring a coat by Balenciaga. The angle against the sky are a beautiful combo. While looking through Fabrice's SITE, I was again impressed with more of his work including the photo above. But, what I truly love about this second pic is the ZIP-UP. It's very creative and done by Siv Stoldal. I was first taken in by the color, but if you look closely, you can see that the jacket is comprised of pics of various articles of clothing. Fantastic. I love this jacket.

See Fabrice's recent shoot HERE
Fabrices Site HERE

Siv Stoldal Site HERE   very cool designer with a intriguing approach to his work. CHECK IT OUT

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Simon Shilton in Hysteria Magazine

From Hysteria Magazine comes this look featuring the work of Simon Shilton. I do believe that the relationship between everyday clothes and military garb such as  "armor" is very interesting. There was a time when folks spent a great deal of their time wearing shields, head gear, and armor. Today's Service Members spend much of their time in fatigues and camo. The Study of the miliary vs. streetwear relationship is important and intriguing, yes?

Junichi Kikuchi photographed this look. See the full spread HERE in Hysteria 1.