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Monday, June 24, 2013

KTZ Spring/Summer 2014

I believe it is simply something about the climate of the world today—the way everything seems to be going to great EXTREMES—for which I enjoy this collection by KTZ for the Spring/Summer 2014. Perhaps by extreme I mean a feeling of culture-clash. With everything happening in the Middle East, and now spreading to Brazil—this unrest of the suppressed—the West is gaining greater access to streams of rebellion, a rebellion that seems almost non-existent in our own culture; hence, the usurping of Middle Eastern and other worldly motifs in our fashion. It’s such a clash of cultures that I find fascinating about this KTZ collection: there are the currents of Middle Eastern garb traditions with the flowing layers and covering of the eyes/face, but there is also a vibe of youth, energy, violence, war (check out the map prints that have a military camo feel), aggression, and mystery—aspects of the collection that aren’t necessarily independent of the next, nor representative of one place or culture. Instead, the KTZ collection interests me, and gets my attention, due to the way the inspiration meets the inspired and the consumer. The wearer gets access to a controlled mode of rebellion, mystery, eccentricity and otherness. And yet, the world is still changing all the same; no matter how comfortable the West gets in the clothes of cultures in turmoil and transformation, the real rebellion will belong—at least for now—to the cultures and societies from which we find inspiration. But at least we are sharing cross-culturally. See more of the KTZ collection HERE and see what you think. 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Agi & Sam Spring/Summer 2014

Inspiration is all around us, even when traveling on a bus. Case in point: Agi and Sam Spring/Summer 2014 collection. Agi and Sam look toward (or should I say underneath their bums) the seemingly tacky--and oftentimes bizarre--prints one finds on the seats of buses. You know, those gas guzzling vehicles full of tourists and teens on fieldtrips. But the team take something overlooked and mundane, and turn it into very interesting, fashion forward pieces. Agi and Sam are also turning the bus-inspired prints into accessories. See more of the collection HERE on Fashionisto and some of the accessories HERE on Selectism.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Martine Rose Spring/Summer 2013

What I enjoy most about the Martine Rose Spring/Summer 2013 collection, as presented on the runway, is probably the neoprene hood/mask. I love the fact the the designer isn't afraid to cover the face of her models, and in a way that incorporates the story of the collection--in this case, the tale of the rape of Persephone. But I also enjoy the use of non-tradtional materials, overall: as seen in the shorts and the jacket below; oh, and not to mention the pants. Even more enjoyable are the finger prints you can see if you look really close at the blue jacket--fantastic. See more of collection HERE on Vogue UK.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

AJ Mets Fall 2013: Jacket and Shorts

There is something about this look that just works for me. From AJ Mets Fall 2013 Collection "Imaginary Youth" offers a modern feel, with interesting prints and some bold colors. I enjoy the look, here, because of the color, and the styling (the socks, shoes, with those shorts), but I think the most important aspect of the entire look is the proportions: this is really wonderful, and a feat to pull off due to the fact that you have a jacket matched with a short; the basic white shirt, buttoned all the way, also helps keep the balance. And I enjoy the asymmetry of the jacket; however, my main question is: does it zip. It might be a tight fit if it did, but the illusion--they way the zipper works the eye--is cool, anyway. See more of the collection HERE on Fucking Young!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Gitman Vintage: Konichiwa

Gitman Vintage offers up this creative take on camo: taking Japanese kimono and woodblock art inspirations and compiling a pseudo-camo print as part of their Konichiwa line for the most current collection.  I enjoy the thoughtfulness behind the piece, and it does read camo from afar; however, up close you can see the ukiyo-e vibe. Check out more prints included in Gitman Bros. Spring/Summer 2013 Collection HERE.
Source: Selectism