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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

AJ Mets Fall 2013: Jacket and Shorts

There is something about this look that just works for me. From AJ Mets Fall 2013 Collection "Imaginary Youth" offers a modern feel, with interesting prints and some bold colors. I enjoy the look, here, because of the color, and the styling (the socks, shoes, with those shorts), but I think the most important aspect of the entire look is the proportions: this is really wonderful, and a feat to pull off due to the fact that you have a jacket matched with a short; the basic white shirt, buttoned all the way, also helps keep the balance. And I enjoy the asymmetry of the jacket; however, my main question is: does it zip. It might be a tight fit if it did, but the illusion--they way the zipper works the eye--is cool, anyway. See more of the collection HERE on Fucking Young!

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