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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Candy from Tokyo

From the Candy runway show in Shibuya, Tokyo come this really great camo coat. I enjoy the closed collar and the fact that it's in grayscale. The show also featured some great masks. Check it all out HERE on TokyoDandy.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Valentim Quaresma Spring/Summer 2014

I want to feel confident, powerful, lux, and regal in a flash; I think any of the pieces from Valentim Quaresma Spring/Summer 2014 will do the trick. I want every piece in this collection. While the substantial pieces of jewelry are styled here on top of the torsos of fit models, I would love to see how the pieces work when styled with actual clothes, maybe floating on top of a black suit or something. Check out more of the collection HERE on FuckingYoung!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Libertine Spring/Summer 2014

What I enjoy about the Libertine S/S 2014 collection, and really Libertine in general, is the fact that the pieces and looks are ready for the stage.  I welcome the somewhat propagandist aesthetic seen several of the pieces below, and I think that offering a cultural+political statement on the stage, with which wardrobe can help, is a significant part of artistic expression, of course. And placing the queen's face on garments helps, but anytime text is placed on garments it can  be read in a sociopolitical context. Wear your message. See more of the Libertine S/S 2014 collection HERE.
Source: Homotography

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Brut Clothing

Brut has a very cool lookbook and website that features their love of "raw" and strong materials. Brut takes vintage pieces and give them new life, which I think is a commendable project in today's fast-fashion marketplace. I enjoy the vintage military pieces and accessories assembled. See more of the Brut project HERE.
Source: Sissydude

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Nude:mm Homme Spring/Summer 2014

Nude:mm is a line out of Japan. What I enjoy about the design and pieces is the easiness of it all: it's simplistic, natural, yet modern and edgy. Actually, I think another thing going for Nude's S/S 2014 collection is a balance between light and darkness; it's something to accomplish an airy AND deep quality to a piece, and that feat has been met here by designer Masahiko Maruyama. See more of the Nude:mm Homme S/S 2014 collection HERE.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Alberto Moretti shoes Spring/Summer 2014

Who wouldn't want to wear these playful shoes from Alberto Moretti? They are sophisticated, finely-made shoes, but with a touch of masculine whimsy thanks to the camo and even a kiss on the arch of the foot. More from Alberto Moretti s/s 2014 HERE.

Jean Phillip Spring/Summer 2014

The Jean Phillip S/S 2014 collection is quite reptilian with rich, skin-like prints used to construct many of the pieces. The motif is also worked into pebble-looking, gold accents on several pieces. I enjoy the idea--something dark about reptiles, sand, but in contrast to the man wearing the reptilian inspired looks and pieces. See more from Jean Phillip s/s 2014 collection HERE on FuckingYoung!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Some Favorites from Spring/Summer 2014: Thom Browne and Givenchy

Some favorites from the Spring/Summer collections:

I’ve delayed commenting on both the Spring/Summer 2014 collections from Thom Browne and Givenchy mainly because it took some time for me to sort out just what I thought. I knew that both collections struck a chord, but I wasn’t sure how or why they resonated; I keep looking at both collections and have yet to grow tired.

With Browne’s collection, I believe it must be the sense of strength of the pieces, which take so many militaristic references and twist them, when juxtaposed to a high gloss presentation of face that grabs my attention—it’s like Robert Palmer Girl-meets Grace Jones-meets Michael Jackson. This character is simply one I cannot shake, it’s so strong. Several of the pieces themselves aren’t very functional, like the strange crotch additions and the oversized coats, but many more can be incorporated as statement pieces. But, again, it’s the styling and aggressiveness of the pieces that I can’t keep from being drawn to. See more HERE.

In regards to Givenchy, the tribal influence that is crossed with digital, and even analog, technological inspired prints, which also have insect-like forms, keep me thinking. The pieces read future, retro, and ancient all at the same time, and that’s an intriguing idea in regards to clothes to be worn by today’s younger men. I’m also usually partial to face painting, and the make-up on the models captures tribal-meets-digital very nicely. See more HERE

Monday, June 24, 2013

KTZ Spring/Summer 2014

I believe it is simply something about the climate of the world today—the way everything seems to be going to great EXTREMES—for which I enjoy this collection by KTZ for the Spring/Summer 2014. Perhaps by extreme I mean a feeling of culture-clash. With everything happening in the Middle East, and now spreading to Brazil—this unrest of the suppressed—the West is gaining greater access to streams of rebellion, a rebellion that seems almost non-existent in our own culture; hence, the usurping of Middle Eastern and other worldly motifs in our fashion. It’s such a clash of cultures that I find fascinating about this KTZ collection: there are the currents of Middle Eastern garb traditions with the flowing layers and covering of the eyes/face, but there is also a vibe of youth, energy, violence, war (check out the map prints that have a military camo feel), aggression, and mystery—aspects of the collection that aren’t necessarily independent of the next, nor representative of one place or culture. Instead, the KTZ collection interests me, and gets my attention, due to the way the inspiration meets the inspired and the consumer. The wearer gets access to a controlled mode of rebellion, mystery, eccentricity and otherness. And yet, the world is still changing all the same; no matter how comfortable the West gets in the clothes of cultures in turmoil and transformation, the real rebellion will belong—at least for now—to the cultures and societies from which we find inspiration. But at least we are sharing cross-culturally. See more of the KTZ collection HERE and see what you think. 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Agi & Sam Spring/Summer 2014

Inspiration is all around us, even when traveling on a bus. Case in point: Agi and Sam Spring/Summer 2014 collection. Agi and Sam look toward (or should I say underneath their bums) the seemingly tacky--and oftentimes bizarre--prints one finds on the seats of buses. You know, those gas guzzling vehicles full of tourists and teens on fieldtrips. But the team take something overlooked and mundane, and turn it into very interesting, fashion forward pieces. Agi and Sam are also turning the bus-inspired prints into accessories. See more of the collection HERE on Fashionisto and some of the accessories HERE on Selectism.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Martine Rose Spring/Summer 2013

What I enjoy most about the Martine Rose Spring/Summer 2013 collection, as presented on the runway, is probably the neoprene hood/mask. I love the fact the the designer isn't afraid to cover the face of her models, and in a way that incorporates the story of the collection--in this case, the tale of the rape of Persephone. But I also enjoy the use of non-tradtional materials, overall: as seen in the shorts and the jacket below; oh, and not to mention the pants. Even more enjoyable are the finger prints you can see if you look really close at the blue jacket--fantastic. See more of collection HERE on Vogue UK.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

AJ Mets Fall 2013: Jacket and Shorts

There is something about this look that just works for me. From AJ Mets Fall 2013 Collection "Imaginary Youth" offers a modern feel, with interesting prints and some bold colors. I enjoy the look, here, because of the color, and the styling (the socks, shoes, with those shorts), but I think the most important aspect of the entire look is the proportions: this is really wonderful, and a feat to pull off due to the fact that you have a jacket matched with a short; the basic white shirt, buttoned all the way, also helps keep the balance. And I enjoy the asymmetry of the jacket; however, my main question is: does it zip. It might be a tight fit if it did, but the illusion--they way the zipper works the eye--is cool, anyway. See more of the collection HERE on Fucking Young!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Gitman Vintage: Konichiwa

Gitman Vintage offers up this creative take on camo: taking Japanese kimono and woodblock art inspirations and compiling a pseudo-camo print as part of their Konichiwa line for the most current collection.  I enjoy the thoughtfulness behind the piece, and it does read camo from afar; however, up close you can see the ukiyo-e vibe. Check out more prints included in Gitman Bros. Spring/Summer 2013 Collection HERE.
Source: Selectism

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Kabuki by Jon Jacobsen

This is a great story, shot by Jon Jacobsen, and entitled "Kabuki." But the shoot actually also has a Japanese Noh dance vibe. What I enjoy so much is the styling and make-up, but also the sense of movement. You can see more of the shoot HERE on Morphosis. And check out Jacobsen's site HERE.

Styling & Production: Ulises and Estefania Salas
Make Up: Marcelo Bhanu for Dior
Model is Diogo (New Models Chile)

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Givenchy Spring 2014 Pre-Collection

What I enjoy about Givenchy's Spring 2014 Pre-Collection is the mix of floral prints with camo. It's a marriage of the "masculine" and the "feminine" that I think is right for the now we are in. Of course, I also like the flame motif paired with the slacks under a skirt-like piece: reads slightly Middle Eastern to me--this world-meets-street style should continue. A friend of mine recently predicted that we are going to go through a resurrection of fashions from the past, each in succession as they originally appeared. Right now, the '20s; so, the 30's would be next, and so on. I hope this isn't true, or at least, if it is, I hope that the fashions keep it moving forward, even when looking back. And even if this is so, men's fashion should continue playing with "feminine" tropes: What about a male "flapper?" See more of the Givenchy Spring 2014 Pre-Collection HERE on Selectism.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Zana Bayne in VAGA Magazine: Collection VI

The work of Zana Bayne, simply put, is sexy. I enjoy her pieces, and have posted on her in the past. The looks below feature pieces from across the designer's handmade collections, including the most recent Collection VI. The first two shots come from VAGA Magazine out of NYC, captured by Nicolas Wagner. You can see more of that shoot HERE from Fashionisto. 
Be sure to check out the film by Char Alfonzo.