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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Custo Barcelona Fall/Winter 2013

I always enjoy it when I take a second look at a collection, and see it in better depth and detail. That's what has happened with the latest from Custo Barcelona. I didn't flat out hate the looks and pieces the first time, but it took a while before it clicked. I think such a state might make for a good collection; it takes time to understand really good, and complicated pieces. The pieces in the Custo Barcelona collection are diverse in color, texture, cut, and print--and the prints are wild. Yet when paired together, it all works to deliver an idea: one the is culturally diverse in part, and yet delivers a military essence coupled with classicism. Eclectic. There is something forward-thinking here, and I believe that as the weeks and months pass, I'll grow to enjoy this collection even more so. See it all HERE.
Source: FuckingYoung!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

General Idea Fall/Winter 2013

Nice and sporty look from General Idea Fall/Winter 2013. Of course, I'm drawn to the blue. But I really enjoy the way the blue line is used to etch out some detail in this jacket. It's almost like a drawing, giving a touch of movement to the piece. I'm also a fan of the asymmetric zip. See more of the collection HERE on FuckingYoung!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Allan Vos 2013

This, to me, reads historical futurism. I'm enjoying these pieces by Allan Vos for his latest collection: just recently seen at Amsterdam Fashion Week. The collection works nicely in the outdoors setting--estate vibe. And I enjoy the cut and asymmetrical fold seen in both the short and long jackets. Styled by Juan Velazquez Caceres and photographed by Martijn Senders. See more HERE on Fashionisto.