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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

"The Great Pretender" on Fashionisto

So, the Michael Kors leather jacket is cool, but, for me, it's all about the face mask. I want to wear mine to the office tomorrow--why not? See more of this shoot by Laura Marie Cieplik for Fashionisto story "The Great Pretender" HERE

Monday, March 18, 2013

Roberto Cavalli Boots

What's not to love about these boots by Roberto Cavalli? Captured for Fashionisto by Franck Glenisson: these boots shine with a metallic glimmer, and a florescent turquoise color. I enjoy the zipper, the heel that, while black, seems to pop against the metallic shine, and the split upper body of the boot helps give them a bit more dimension--although the color and finish already give them a other-dimensional flavor. See more of the shoot HERE.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Assaad Awad in Carbon Copy Magazine

Keep your socks up in style. You know they're there, those studded sock keeps, and how cool if someone gets a little peak at some point during the day--a moment of spiky intrigue. I'm enjoying these shoes and the accompanying sock straps by Assaad Awad: he designs some really creative pieces. Check out his site HERE. This shot was done by Sebastian Troncoso for Carbon Copy. See more from the shoot HERE on Homotography

Friday, March 8, 2013

Valentim Quaresma Fall/Winter 2013

I suppose the best way to refer to these pieces by Valentim Quaresma is to call them accessories. What I enjoy most is the idea of bringing the "fetish" into the everyday. I also enjoy the hard and masculine juxtaposed with a soft or ethereal vibe--somewhat regal. I actually have a piece, similar to this first look, that I wear during performances. Great minds. I'm actually a fan of Quaresma's 2011 collection as well. It's more slick, less earthy, and has a solid, yet breakable quality. Definitely check out his website to see what I mean. You can see the rest of Valentim Quaresma's Fall/Winter 2013 collection as shown during Lisbon Fashion Week /ModaLisboa HERE.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Etxeberria Fall/Winter 2013

Etxeberria Fall/Winter 2013: I just enjoy shape, and these pieces, while so straight, offer an interesting sense of movement in form--I believe it is the volume that adds the extra bit of body and vitality to the pieces: a hint of a bell shape; a little curve; crazy folds. The dimpled fold is just cool; you can "feel" it just by looking. It's texture for the touch and the eye. This is giving me nomadic nobility, which stimulates the imagination. And check out the boots. See more HERE of FuckingYoung!

NudeMM Fall/Winter 2013

Masahiko Maruyama's NudeMM Fall/Winter 2013 collection offers a great array of shapes and volume, and also a little bit of texture. There is something about the way these pieces rest that help give a sense of character to what might otherwise be dull pieces--but these pieces are not dull at all; there's something hidden in the lines, something understated, yet pretty deep. I get a touch of the nomad, with a touch of the philosopher, and a hint of the Middle East. See for yourself HERE on ThisHeartsOnFire.