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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Dolce&Gabbana on the Mountain

This shoot was done for German mag "SZ" as tribute to Dolce&Gabbana. Some decadence here. But, this coat on the ledge is tops. See more on shoot at Morphosis.
Photo by Alexandra Kinga Fekete 

Bell Soto for 2 Magazine

Bell Soto shoots model Danny Schwarz for 2 Magazine wearing this number--which I am trying to figure out if it is one piece or a jacket over something else...It is posted because of the shoulders and hair, of course. See the rest at YVY.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Patrik Ervell

Patrik Ervell offers what I like: cool simplicity. The looks below also feature another of my favorite archetypes--military--with cadet jackets and sweater. Also this great black sweater and the cream colored snap sweater.  The suit is a basic jacket and pant, but check out the latex scarf. Ervell's site is truly informative and a treat to navigate and shop. Very nice website. Check it out.There is also a nice piece on the designer from New York Times T Magazine.

Karim Sadli for Velvet

Karim Sadli delivers some great portraits for a shoot for Velvet magazine, taking a "Safari." The cardigan is by Louie Vuitton. The second shot is just a great portrait.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sisley Fall 2010

Sisley Fall 2010 Check out the major Lapels on the coat. They do make an impression. I also like the two-toned inlay on the jacket shoulder. 
 Pics from Fashionisto. See more of the Sisley looks HERE.

Styles on EVB: "Booted and Suited"

Tim Hamilton pants dressed up and down. 
From EVB
Photographed by David Kimelman. You can also check out Kimelman's photo journal site here
Shirt, Etro / Vest, Gucci / Tie, Dolce & Gabbana / Jersey Pants, Tim Hamilton / Socks, Punto / Boots, Vintage / Pins, Ben Amun / Flower Pin, Maria Pinto
 Jersey Pants, Tim Hamilton / Socks, Punto / Boots, Marc Jacobs


DKNY: boots

Lace your black boots with some color--like these seen on the DKNY look. Pic from Fashionisto

Monday, May 24, 2010

Mundi Fall 2010 Sweater

Mundi Sweater from the Fall 2010 looks--liking the graphics. Pic from Fashionisto. Check them out for pics of the rest of Mundi's Fall looks and designs.


Tomorrowland is a Japanese brand started in the late '70's-ish. The company actually offers several lines, but for mens fashion, it is the Tomorrowland and Edition brands that are of importance. Unfortunately, trying to get their stuff stateside is a hassle. However, if you can, this color blocked top would be a good pick. You can check out the Tomorrowland main site, English site, and Edition sites. Even if you are not fluent in Japanese or reading Kana or Kanji, the Edition site is cool because there actually is a lot of English, and they have features like "mid summer style" where they give styling suggestions. Very cool. You can read this little spot on Tomorrowland on Askmen.com to learn more about the company, or just check out the company website.  Pic from Fashionisto.

Agua De Coco Swimwear

Summer is here and it is time to pull out the swimsuits. Agua De Coco offers some trunk styles along the traditional (perhaps more conservatively "American") styled. But most designs are eurocentric but cut in a way to keep from looking as skimpy as a full on speedo et al. These Agua De Coco swimsuits are a bit more masculine--very "Rio:" sporty style. Pics from YVY. Agua De Coco HERE

Manoel Ozi

Manoel Ozi offering something different. I'm not quite sure if the color of the backdrop makes be appreciate the designs more--I am partial to hues of blue. However, I do think them to be very creative and I do truly like the Grecian styled Rubber-ish sandals that are enclosed on the side--more like a sneaker. Also, cool print on the white short suit.  Check out the designer's blog for more looks.(pics from ozi blog)

Friday, May 21, 2010

Tillmann Lauterbach Spring & Fall 2010

First, the two tops that I enjoy from the Tillmann Lauterbach SS2010 collection. What I like are the gleaming details around the collars. I also like the looks, both with the pants and the shorts.

The Fall collection shows how simplicity and subtlety can have a major impact. The distressed sweater and coat stand out because of this, and the fit of the side buttoned top with pant is right on.
Color, Fit, and Simple Innovation.

Fall pics from Homme Times. Spring pics from Jamool life.

Knits in WWD

Great color in this knit sweater. See the full knit spread by WWD on Fashionisto
Photo by Daniel Garriga.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Trussardi 1911 Spring & Fall 2010

A few looks from the Trussardi Spring and Fall 2010 collections. I am partial to the more structured pieces in both collections. Hence, I forgo some of the tops in the Spring for more of the jackets--I enjoy the double lined look. And the grey long coat is very sharp. The three Spring pics are from WWD. The two Fall pics are from Fashionisto. I have a feeling that there may be a Trussardi ad posted here in the future featuring one of their giant bags. Check out the full collections on Trussardi 1911 online.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Fashion156 featuring designs by Matthew Miller

Fashion156 is "Juxtaposed" featuring these great bowties by Matthew Miller. There are some other great features in the magazine too. But, Miller's designs stand out as playful constructions that work--they're strong and refreshing. Read more about Matthew Miller HERE.

Photos are from Fashion156 by photographers Ishay Botbol & Fenton Bailey (1st pic all Miller; 2nd pic bowtie only)

Photo of Miller designs from Style Savage

"Love Is Not Cosolation. It Is Light." by Alex Batista

May's U+Mag features a shoot by Alex Batista in which this jumpsuit is featured. The styling in the shoot is great. I'm always up for the ease of a uniform, though I'm not sure what I would do with the bears--but they make a statement. See the rest HERE

Monday, May 17, 2010

Fantasticsmag "Life During Wartime"

Interesting looks--maybe because of the headgear and hair--in Fantasticsmag by photographer Nikolai De Vera and styled with fashions by Ashton Michael.

Tim Van Steenbergen Fall 2010

Great pieces by Tim Van Steenbergen for the Fall. Knits, leathery, layers. Cool and comfortable jackets and sweaters. Diggin the pants too. Check out the full collection on Fashionisto.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Michele Yong, Photographer

You can see some of Michele Yong's work in #2 from Supplementaire in which Ian Cole and his crew did a fantastic job creating. I love these photos because the looks are over the top extravagant. Very rich. Not sure of the model or stylist, but they helped Michele Yong create some fantastic shots. Be sure to check out her site and blog.

Michele Yong WEBSITE

Lars Andersson Mens Fall 2010

Moody Knits: Lars Andersson's Fall 2010 collection offers dark, brooding pieces you must see. Below are a few looks and pieces from the collection. See the rest on his website. I'm particularly fond of the hooded sweater.