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Monday, May 24, 2010


Tomorrowland is a Japanese brand started in the late '70's-ish. The company actually offers several lines, but for mens fashion, it is the Tomorrowland and Edition brands that are of importance. Unfortunately, trying to get their stuff stateside is a hassle. However, if you can, this color blocked top would be a good pick. You can check out the Tomorrowland main site, English site, and Edition sites. Even if you are not fluent in Japanese or reading Kana or Kanji, the Edition site is cool because there actually is a lot of English, and they have features like "mid summer style" where they give styling suggestions. Very cool. You can read this little spot on Tomorrowland on Askmen.com to learn more about the company, or just check out the company website.  Pic from Fashionisto.

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