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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Custo Barcelona Fall/Winter 2013

I always enjoy it when I take a second look at a collection, and see it in better depth and detail. That's what has happened with the latest from Custo Barcelona. I didn't flat out hate the looks and pieces the first time, but it took a while before it clicked. I think such a state might make for a good collection; it takes time to understand really good, and complicated pieces. The pieces in the Custo Barcelona collection are diverse in color, texture, cut, and print--and the prints are wild. Yet when paired together, it all works to deliver an idea: one the is culturally diverse in part, and yet delivers a military essence coupled with classicism. Eclectic. There is something forward-thinking here, and I believe that as the weeks and months pass, I'll grow to enjoy this collection even more so. See it all HERE.
Source: FuckingYoung!

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