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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Givenchy Spring 2014 Pre-Collection

What I enjoy about Givenchy's Spring 2014 Pre-Collection is the mix of floral prints with camo. It's a marriage of the "masculine" and the "feminine" that I think is right for the now we are in. Of course, I also like the flame motif paired with the slacks under a skirt-like piece: reads slightly Middle Eastern to me--this world-meets-street style should continue. A friend of mine recently predicted that we are going to go through a resurrection of fashions from the past, each in succession as they originally appeared. Right now, the '20s; so, the 30's would be next, and so on. I hope this isn't true, or at least, if it is, I hope that the fashions keep it moving forward, even when looking back. And even if this is so, men's fashion should continue playing with "feminine" tropes: What about a male "flapper?" See more of the Givenchy Spring 2014 Pre-Collection HERE on Selectism.

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